My first version of my vision did not have the word “together” in it. I later realized that that was not only egotistical, but foolish. No one can make someone else’s work joyful, or even horrible, for them.  It takes a team.
The team may be myself and one person to bring them joy in their job or their micro-business, or it can be myself, a team and several hundred people in a larger business. I think that is the most important thing I can be doing with my energy and skills at this time. I want to make the world a better place for everyone. This is how we can do it.
If you have a great day at work, you head home cheerful and fulfilled. You greet your spouse warmly, play with the dog, and spend some quality time with the children. You may even go out that evening and be particularly pleasant to your waiter, make the lady at the grocery checkout smile and compliment you neighbor on their beautiful blooming roses. Everyone you have touched will pass the feeling you gave them on to at least one other person.
When you have a bad day, if you are accustomed to good days you may shrug it of, but you won’t be your special joyful self. If it is just another bad day in a bouquet of bad days, you are going to head home with your head and your spirits down. At best, your spouse gets a neutral greeting, at worst; you snarl and set the tone for a bad evening. The dog looks at you, lowers its ears, and heads into another room. The children are just too noisy and you yell for quiet. If the neighborhood is lucky, you stay home tonight. If not you go out and share your misery and those that you share it with share their reaction to you with at least one other person.
This is not a positive thinking process, nor am I going to tell you that thinking positively will change anything. It can change how you react to things. I create the joyful work situation by changes, sometimes radical, sometimes, fine tuning, in the three main areas that affect your work. Your personal input as an owner, manager, partner, or employee is the first. The second is the culture of the workplace. The third is the playing field. For work to be joyful all three of these must be in alignment and moving together toward specific goals.
Next blog I will write a little about that positive effect we can have on people.

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