Every year someone steals 312 hours from the average American.  Who would do such a thing?  Well, the average American is the thief of 39 days of their own time!  If you are self employed you might compare that to the 10 days of vacation you never seem to take.

Right now I am losing some of my 6 hours for this week.  I am losing it looking for a telephone number that I know I wrote on the back of a receipt. I almost know where I put that receipt.  Almost. That’s how we lose 6 hours a week.  We lose it “looking for things.” Can you imagine that?

The funny thing about the missing number is when it has gone missing while.  I am in the midst of clearing, cleaning and rearranging my office.  The thing that is not funny is that it is an opportunity to speak at a business expo and I need to nail down the interview location.

In my house one of our favorite ways to use up our time is to put something down, like the car keys. Then put something on top of it.  My wife and I are both people who have many projects in progress.  The opportunities to put things on top of the keys are almost unlimited.   We take advantage of it.

One of our problems is that neither of us has much energy for routine.  Neither one of us likes process and repetition.  We have lots of
quick decision making energy.  Linda has lots of energy with which to meet new people, but she wants the process, or the journey, to be fun.  I have gobs of analytical energy. I am good at developing the perfect process for storing and retrieving things.  Did I mention that I wasn’t any good at following process?

I still want my time back.  That means I am going to have to stop stealing from myself.  Why do we lose our car keys?  Because we have only one car key!  Most people keep their keys in their pocket or purse.  At the end of the day they empty their pockets by their bed.  The
solution is one more car key.

Our average car key search is 5 minutes, twice a day.  That’s seventy minutes a week.  That’s 3,640 minutes, 60 hours or 2.5 weeks a
year!  Thanks, I’ll take it.

If you want that 312 hours a year back, but have no time to organize, contact my friend, Connie Ellefson of Clear the Space, Inc.  You can reach her through her blog,  The blog has great tips.  If you are lucky and live in the Denver, CO area, you can hire Connie to clear your space.  If you are too far away for her, she can help you find an organizer.

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