I want to tell you about a great customer service experience. It has been going on for me for over 15 years.

To set the stage, I am a huge dental coward.  I don’t know where it came from, but when I am in a dentist’s chair I start sweating and become almost rigid.  I am sure the drill is going to slip. I am going to jerk and cause the drill to go through my tongue.  I am just going to jump out of the chair and run. 

With this background you would not think that I would single out Aspen Dental and Dr. Roger Nishimura for a consistently great customer service experience.  On the other hand, it makes sense that I would most notice and appreciate great service under these conditions.  Great service is what I have gotten.  Dr Nishimura is a highly skilled dental surgeon.  Both he and his staff bring a great deal more than skill to your appointment.

Aspen Dental’s current office setting provides a sense of calm and friendliness that helps distract me from my phobia.  Everyone in the office is cheerful, competent, and consistently looking for that one more thing that will relax me and make my visit more pleasant.  They have done dozens of things to reduce my anxiety. They extend this care and concern to every patient, but I especially appreciate it.

As an example, I am losing some of my hearing.  During my last visit I mentioned to the dental hygienist that I was missing some of what she said to me.  Her rate of speech made understanding her difficult for me.  Five minutes later when she returned to the dental service area, she slowed her speech by 10% and my hearing improved by 100%.  This is just a sample of a continuing great experience.

I unhesitatingly recommend Aspen Dental, Dr. Nishimura and this entire staff.  If you are fortunate enough to live in the Denver, CO you can contact Aspen Dental at 303-399-0400.  Their pleasant office is located at 3300 East 1st Street, Suite 300, Denver, CO.


    • Loria,

      Thanks for your comment.
      Customer service may be a must, but there is not enough of it to take it for granted. I sometimes feel that staff is trained in customer abuse.
      Be well, do some good, have fun,


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