Positive thinkers do not bounce back from adversity very well. The people who recover quickly, bounce back, and move on are accurate thinkers.
Look what positive thinking can do to you when adversity strikes. If you make the effort to think positive, you will have to deny at least a little reality. Maybe you will have to ignore whole huge chunks of it. What will happen, if you ignore the adversity? You are not very likely to do anything about it, or even plan to do anything about it. You are very likely to allow the adversity to grow.
When a negative event strikes your life it is what it is. Surrounding it with lovely thoughts and affirmations has little power to make the event what you wish it was. Those lovely thoughts and affirmations have even less power to make the results of the event good for you. At best positive thoughts will create the illusion of a bad thing becoming a good thing.
Negative thinking considers primarily the downside of an event, proposition, offer, plan, accident, etc. It encircles hope and squelches it. Accurate thinking looks at a setback in detail. It examines the event. It breaks it down to its individual parts. It looks at the worst, best and most likely outcomes of the event. It examines the event for causes and causes that may cause a repeat of this event, or set off other events
Accurate thinking lays the foundation by knowing the situation. With it you add your knowledge of yourself to the picture. It shows you your objectives. It gives you a correct and detailed inventory of your resources. It helps you plan for both the worst and best outcomes. At the same time accurate thinking lets you put your main energy into avoiding, or minimizing, the effects of the most likely outcomes.
Accurate thinking is the beginning of a solution to the adverse event. aaccurate thinking drives resilence. Sure, there are almost overwhelming events and events that you cannot prevent. The definition of an adversity is that it has already happened. The adversity is often a fact of life. My programmer/systems analysis job went sailing off to India a few years, ago. There was nothing I could do to stop it from sailing, or bring it back.
What I could do was readjust my spending, look for other jobs and consider self employment. I did these things and I now have my own business.

3 thoughts on “RESILIENCE

    • Maura,

      You are welcome to put a link to “RESILIENCE” on your blog.

      I read a few of your blogs. I think they should be very helpful to your readers. I think you show a great deal of courage and generosity in writing them.



  1. I asked a question about the nature of resilience in my blog today, and am now heading out to other blogs to see what is written on this subject.

    I might have to print and frame what you have written. I think it is so accurate, and runs against the grain of all the ‘think yourself happy’ pop-psych self-help gurus.

    Thank you, for putting these words out.

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