I want to be smarter, calmer, happier, stronger, addiction free, alive longer, more in the now, avoid anxiety and depression and many more good things. I know one of the simplest and most effective steps toward all of these good things is exercise. Do I exercise? Well, yes and no.
I do exercise. I get a real boost in the stronger, calmer, and smarter areas. I am not getting the boost I should get, nor am I getting much of a boost in the other areas. Well, why not? Because I don’t get it and I don’t execute what I do get.
I am fairly regular at the gym. I make it there two to five times a week. The average is more three than four. That’s not where is should be. I need to be exercising an average of six times a week. I am also not getting the concept of balanced exercise. I like to lift weights. It’s what I do. I have pretty good success and progress with it. I am getting results with it.
What I don’t get are two key elements. My average of 3 plus is good. It is definitely better than nothing, but it is not good enough. The weights are not the whole game. They are important, but do not give me the range of results I want and need.
So what is changing my mind? I just finished reading Spark: the revolutionary new science of exercise and the brain by John J. Ratey. The book is filled with solid, scientific explanations of exactly what contributions exercise makes to our bodies and our brains. The book also covers how much and what kind of exercise has the best effects on our human package. So, hard as it is for me to admit I am wrong. I am wrong.
Now, I get it. Today, I am starting an aerobic element in my exercise. I am short on time so, I am going to introduce a “sprint and rest” aerobic pattern. I will make a maximum effort for 30 seconds. I will drop down to rest for a few minutes. I will hit the sprint effort, again. That pattern will let me get a solid aerobic burst in about 10 minutes.
I have recently lost 10 of the 14 lbs a personal trainer recommended I shed. I don’t expect to lose more. I have shifted my weight training from high reps low weight to high weight low reps. I have started adding muscle mass.
So, why am I telling you this? Well, I was going to write a blog about how great exercise is for so many things. I was going to encourage everyone to exercise more. I decided that instead of pushing exercise, I would lead by example.
I get it. It doesn’t work unless I do it. Check back here in month or call or email me, to see what it’s doing for me. We can talk about what it could do for you.
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One thought on “WHY DON’T I GET IT?

  1. Your post came through my emails yesterday, and what good timing! Anxiety is pounding on the door, and I was not sitting down and evaluating a)what that noise was! and b)how I was going to manage it, pre-empt a full blown melt down.

    The light bulb went on when I was reading. I know I can get through this, and that walking every day is going to help me. Why I can’t keep that in my mind, and just DO it … Well, sounds like you struggle similarly.

    Thanks for the insight!

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