We will provide the individual with a business support structure. The healer can focus on client care.
Each healer will market for all group members.
We will lead based on two concepts. The concepts are chaos theory and the union of information and energy.
The evolution of this vision:
A few of us are still old enough to remember a family doctor. For the most part the family doctor was a solo practitioner. I remember two of them. Our first doctor had his office in a one bedroom apartment. The next had a two room facility above the local movie theatre. These doctors were heroes to my parents. I wonder how we survived them.
They were probably good doctors for their time. Their time was long ago. Two and three room facilities restricted them to examining one patient at a time. In one way, this probably made them more effective. They spent more face to face time with each patient. In other ways it restricted their practice.
They were on their own for medical support. These doctors were general practitioners for real. They did their own examinations. They did some of their own lab work. They read their own x-rays. They did their own minor surgery, on site. They were not good at everything they did. The whole of their practice was both greater and less than the sum of its parts. They did care for the whole patient.
As time went by the single doctor business model became less and less practical. Doctors didn’t advertise. Recruiting patients was limited to a listing in the phone book. Referrals from patients, endorsements by their churches and civic groups, and face to face personal contact brought them new customers. The doctors essentially waited for patients to come to them. Waiting for patients to find you does not work well.
The health providers that did advertise were clinics, hospitals, and health management organizations. These entities competed for long term relationships with patients. They won both the loyalty and the hatred of many patients. There were tremendous advantages to their access to on site labs, imaging, specialties and surgical specialties. They had major downsides in client service. They struggled to find a balance between efficiency and doctor/patient relationships. They were challenged in all forms of customer service. In some locations those issues are still only partially resolved. In some they are spectacularly resolved.
I know that the time has come for more alternative healers to imitate some of this change. I have some ideas of my own. If you are a health care provider, I would really like to hear your thoughts on the support you need. I am particularly interested in the two things. What do you think would both increase your practice? What would allow you to focus more on healing?

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