I have read in several different books and articles that 50% of what we remember is false. Of course, we remember big the big events accurately, right? Wrong.
In one study researchers interviewed people within week of the 9/11 attack. That was a major event. The researchers waited 10 years. They interviewed the same people, again. Only 50% of the subjects’ current memories of the event matched their initial memory.
Do I hear a “so what

Well, like most of us, I have some bad memories. Two of them have bothered me off and on for years. This thought occurred to me. “What if my memory of those events is wrong? How can I continue to invest this emotion in something that may not have happened? What if the event was entirely different than I remember it?” Since then these memories have not returned.
Why did they not return? We tend to remember things better, if there is emotion attached. If the emotion detaches from the memory, we are less likely to remember it.
Well, before this I had read that it is hard to change your mind. You have to make a real effort to accept and evaluate new information. Just accepting new information can be difficult. I find that when I am offered the opportunity to read an opposing view I get very, very tired! Really!

If I wade through this feeling, I can at least take in new information. I can evaluate that information and my old information. I need to have enough objectivity to compare my evaluations. The comparison will determine whether the old or the new belief is most likely to be true.
Why is that? When I believe something that is false I want to continue to believe it. If you, or experience, or whatever convinces me that something else is true, I will change my mind. Very shortly after I change my mind I will not believe I ever held the false belief. (Now my new belief can be false. To me at this time it is my true belief.) I will know that I have always held the new belief!

Your mind may be playing games with you. I may be making you miserable with the pain and anger of old memories. It may be lying to you. At least, it may be presenting you will false information. Realize there is a 50/50 chance that it is false, or inaccurate. Walk away from it.

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