One of the really wonderful things about this is that you cannot help, but share your magic.  Humans are wired to pick up signals (some are physical tells, others are actually electromagnetic) from other humans.   If you feel good, you give good signals.  If you are blah, the signals are blah.  If you are feeling down, the signals are sad.   You cannot escape this level of sharing.  People within 10 feet of you react to how you feel.  You also react to how they feel.  At this level your effect is real but unfocused.

Still under the banner of involuntary sharing you directly impact people you meet face to face.  Without a word being spoken you share your feelings.  I hope they are white magic feelings. You share your feelings with each person you meet.  We are all wired to both send and receive a myriad number of emotions.  This helps us sort out the dangerous people from the potential allies. 

The first direct and most powerful sharing of our magic is still silent.  It’s almost silent, anyhow.  It is listening.  High, high on the list of human needs is the need to be heard.  Not to be heard as just another noise, but to be the object of a focused listener.  

The primary power of listening is the power of focus.  Lack of focus is the enemy of communication.  Lack of focus blurs communication.  The lack of focus breaks up communication.  Worst of all, lack of focus misdirects communication.  We need focus in speaking as well as in listening.  Without focus how will you know if I am listening to you? 

Without focus how will you know when I say something important to you?  The focus of a listener is a great gift.  It is a gift that you should give well and often.   As often as you give it you will make others happy. 

As often as you give it, you will make yourself happier.  There is a bounce back from your focus on me.  I radiate my happiness at being valued and honored back at you.  That increases your happiness which you bounce back to me.

Listening often requires a pro active starter.  The starter can be a hello by name, or a smile to a stranger.  A good morning to a stranger on a city street is like a rainbow.  Say how are you this morning and wait for and listen to the answer.  That is so strong.  It’s hard to do, but about half the population is as shy as you are.  In this case the one who speaks first wins.  The person wins a sense of recognition and value.  You win that persons memory of how you made them feel.

The top power, the lightning bolt of your magic is validation. A light touch of a compliment, an observation of a deed well done, a simple good morning can all inflict happiness on the recipient.  We all hunger for some recognition of our goodness.  It is a grain of sand to you.  It is a golden nugget to the recipient.

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