Some of you are thinking, “That’s nice and all, but that is just not me!” Well, it’s not me, either!
All of us have different DISC behavior styles. All of us have the potential to be the high point, the worst point, or no point of another’s day. There are ways for every style to share their magic. I will give examples of how the different styles can share their happiness.
Those of you who are quick decision makers, are only interested in the bullet points, and don’t listen, WARM UP! You have the most likelihood of the 4 major styles, driver, influencer, steady, or compliant/analytical of ruining someone’s day. Because of that you can easily be the high point.
By nature you are abrupt. Here is a classic trait of your style that, if changed radically changes your impact and how you are perceived. When you have finished talking do not simply walk away. I know you value your time and you value mine and don’t want to waste any of it. What I would like to feel is that you valued me.
Take the time to tie a bow on our conversation. Take the opportunity for simple compliments and validations. “I saw you move that cart out of the traffic into the rack, thanks.” “I am not sure anyone else could have put this report together so quickly, good job.” You don’t like to listen. Make the effort. Suddenly, you may discover that it is not so much that “Nobody tells me anything”, but that you haven’t been listening.
Those of you of the influencer persuasion bring your enthusiasm, empathy, and creativity to every conversation. You also have a tendency to bring superstar you to the center of the stage. You want to make someone feel great? Put them there for a couple of minutes.
“Jeff, I that’s how I feel about it. I want to know how you see it.” “You must have a lot of experience with public speaking. I just loved your presentation.” Both of these have one thing in common. Coming from a behavioral style that does not normally listen, you have shown them that you feel they are important. Be sure you do listen. That’s not easy, but you can do it. Focus on the, now.
The first two styles I mentioned have trouble listening. The rest of you guys have trouble talking. Your advantage is that by nature you are listeners. That gives you the information to give high impact compliments and validation, one that touches the things that are important to the speaker.
Of course you listen in two different ways. Those of you, who are calm, laid back, follow processes and are much more comfortable with friends and family will pick up on who I talk about. You will know what people and relationships are important to me, maybe even better than I know that. You will know that telling me, “You did a great job with that customer’s complaint” means a lot more than “You really understand the complaint process.”
You’ve heard me talk for a few minutes and realize that I almost never mention people. You know that things, projects, and objectives are important to me. I will love hearing, “That process you developed really moves things along.”
So, what does all this get you?
I will absolutely guarantee you that lifting yourself up and sharing it will make you happier at the end of the day.

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