Two years ago my experience with PSYCH-K was not promising.  It was a short demonstration and I had come without any preparation.  However, I had a great deal of respect for the facilitator, Karen McKy, and her associate, Jim Bates.  Because of this respect I read about a dozen books on neuroscience, on changing the brain, and on the conscious/subconscious synergy in our brains.  The reading verified the science behind PSYCH-K.

The first Saturday and Sunday in June 2012I had the opportunity to attend the two day Basic training for facilitating PSYCH-K.  There is no time to explain PYSCH-K in this blog, but it works on the principal of accessing and using the individual’s own resources.  The individual forms a partnership with the facilitator to reach these resources.

I brought a receptive mind set to the experience.  Karen McKy conducted the training (see her website @ ).  The group was small, but very active, friendly, and aggressively participatory.

One of the items I sought to address was the daily feeling of fatigue that I have.  It interferes in my work.  I am getting enough sleep and should not be going through this.  We performed the brain hemispheric synchronization process.  I tested the statement “My body is healed, restored, and full of energy.”

I was surprised when the signal test showed my left hemisphere was not fully supporting this statement.  I would have guessed an inner resistance, or shortage of conviction.  Instead my right hemisphere was on board. My logical, let hemisphere was not.  I realized I knew I needed walking and agility, work, but was not even scheduling it.  Scheduling is a left brain function!  I started attending Tai Chi on the next Wednesday and walked over a mile Wednesday evening.  I will work some lower body into all my weight days.

One of the most potent uses of PSYCH-K is rewriting subconscious blockages.  These blockages are most commonly in the form of negative or self-limiting beliefs.  Another subject I addressed is my failure to confront misinformation at lectures, which bothers me.  People often take action based on the misinformation. I feel it is a disservice to lecture attendees not to challenge statements I know to be incorrect.

While working on the empowering belief statement I would make to confront such misinformation in the future, we explored why I was not doing it now. The issue came down to two elements, a lack of courage and the perception I had to confront the speaker to challenge the information.  That is not true.  If I frame the challenge as a question with my knowledge being new, or evolved from the presented information, I can challenge the information, but not contradict the speaker. I can avoid seeming like a smart ass.  I haven’t had a chance to test this change, but I will.

I found the PSYCH-K Basic Workshop to be more than I expected. Everyone enjoyed it.  Everyone got immediate results.  Everyone learned things about themselves and each other. I would recommend this workshop to anyone who is dealing with mind and life changing issues. I would recommend it to anyone who is seeking additional methods to help others with mind and life changing issues.  Contact Karen

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