I gave a brief talk at a business learning and networking event this week. The subject of the talk was SPREADING YOUR MAGIC. Most of that talk can be found in a series of 4 blogs I wrote with that title. Blog #3 specifically refers to setting yourself in a confident/dominant mode before important meetings, interviews, etc. Using tool like power poses, power gestures, and power walking can actually increase your testosterone in your system by 30% while reducing your estrogen by a corresponding amount. This change in chemical balance initiates a loop between your brain and body that creates a mood of confidence.
One of the tools is swaggering. A friend of mine (Who I will call K) attended my talk. A day later K found herself walking from her bank to a tea shop. Although the visit was a casual decision, she remembered the talk and swaggered from the bank to the tea shop.
When K got to the shop employees were preparing a presentation. K met the presenter at the door. They immediately fell into a conversation. K had another event to go to, but agreed to stay for at least part of the presentation. As she decided to stay the owner emerged from the kitchen area. My friend had been trying to reconnect with this owner for a couple of months. They had discussed K giving a lecture on dream work and never closed on it. The owner was delighted to see K. The owner brought up the lecture and suggested that my friend could do it in two weeks.
K’s swaggering had lent her an air of confidence when she entered the shop. The confidence engendered positive reactions from speaker and the owner. Their responses increased my friend’s confidence. K remained for the entire talk, convinced by people’s reaction to her and her increasing sense of confidence that this meeting was where she should be.
The talk began and the subjects were communication, DISC, and listening. K became even more convinced that she had made the right decision by staying. The talk provided an especially friendly and receptive environment for her specialty, dream work. When the time came for each attendee to introduce themselves, K was ready.
K has always hated doing the 30 second “What I do speeches” at these events. The result has been that her 30 seconds had little sizzle to it. Rarely, did her 30 seconds get any reaction. This time K felt herself strong and confident in talking. She did not worry about what to say. She just let it flow. K’s new confidence and relaxed manner earned her two requests for appointments.
It is just so cool when someone learns something and employs it immediately. It is even more wonderful when it produces such great results.


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    • Thank you. I checked out a couple of your blogs. You certainly write more difficult material than I do! You do it well. I will be back to your posts. Be well, do some good, have fun, Nik

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