At the moment I am 74 years old. I have been physically active all of my life. In the last ten years I have had a bulging cervical disc and a hip replacement. I came back pretty well from the bulging disc. I have some minor paralysis in my hands, a major weakening of the triceps in the left arm and hot/cold flashes in my legs. The recovery from the hip replacement was somewhat slower. Although I continued to work our regularly, the amount of weight I lifted was greatly reduced.

I am also very aware of putting on extra weight. I got down to 178 from 192 through six months of high rep low weight work outs. I don’t particularly care what the weight is, but the 14 lbs came off my waist and I prefer it stay off there.

I mentioned  my holiday gains to my friend, Jim Bates, a hypnotherapist and Psych-K facilitator. He offered to help me to deal with the weight.with either hypnotherapy or Psych-K  I was not much interested in that. I generally can drop 5 lbs by just not buying ice cream for a month.

I got to thinking about the other end of the equation. I would like to get back to benching 250+ lbs. This would increase my ability to lift heavier weights in all the associated exercises. I asked Jim, if he would be interested in working on that instead of the weight reduction. He said he would.

Jim asked me a series of questions about my current situation, weight lifting goals, and attitudes. Jim decided that a Psych-K process was appropriate. He then did a “VAK to the future” with me to hit intermediate weight goals on the bench press. I chose a June goal of 200 lbs and intermediate goal of + 25 lbs in the next six weeks.

The next day I went to the gym to workout. I got impatient and did the chest/triceps workout instead of the back/biceps workout I had scheduled. I began with my current top weight of 120 lbs. I added 10 lbs. I added 15 more lbs. That’s 145 lbs. I hit my six-week goal in one day.

These are the RESULTS for that workout:

Start top weight + one day increase weight = new top weight
Chest press = 120 + 25 = 145 lbs
Narrow grip chest = 70 +20 = 90 lbs
Decline chest = 90 + 20 = 110 lbs
Incline chest = 60 + 20 = 80 lbs

Triceps press = 100 + 10 =110 lbs
Triceps dip = 150 + 15 = 165 lbs
Triceps rope pull down = 100 + 10 = 110 lbs
Triceps one hand press = 45 + 5 = 55 lbs

All these lifts were at 6 or more repetitions. I need to get that to 8 repetitions and be sure that the form is good. As soon as I hit 8 reps with full expansion and contraction, I will increase, again.

I am amazed that I made these increases in one day. I expected to move up about 5 lbs a week on the bench press. I expected to increase proportionally on the other exercises.

I know these are fantastic results. These are results from 1 Psych-K balance!

Contact me at 303-917-6617 if you would like to learn more about this. Jim does Psych-K balances at a distance as well as in person.