Life does not present us with one crossroads.  Living is much more like driving across an almost unmarked territory.  One choice follows another.  These are not all simple left or right choices.  Many have three or four options.  In addition to the obvious directions, the U-turn is often an option.

How do we manage these options?  How can we make the best choice?  The first guideline is to know ourselves.  How do we match with each option?  There is an option that looks so good.  Will we take it although we have few of the skills, behaviors, and values it demands?  What are the chances of our success?

What of the opportunity, itself?  Is it really that wonderful?  How do we measure it?  How do we compare it to other
possibilities?  Unfortunately, we often don’t.   We make a decision based on our “gut.”  That feeling is an emotional one.  It is composed of a swirl of information and emotions based on that swirl.  It is sometimes right.  It is often wrong.

We don’t make decisions for people.  We do guide them through the process.  We help them come to know themselves and learn processes to measure opportunities.

Sometimes we don’t want to know more about ourselves.  We may feel we will come up short.  It is an interesting fact that people often underrate themselves in the areas where they excel.  The also tend to overrate themselves where they are not so good.  You will be better served, if you have an objective assessment of your styles, values, and skills.  That will make your success far more likely.

We don’t make important decisions every day.  We don’t make decisions with complicated information every day.  Complicated decisions demand a process.  We will help you develop a process tailored to you and your specific decision that will simplify that decision.

Your crossroads may a decision about education in high school, college, or graduate school.  It may be a decision about employment. Whether it is your first “real job” or it is time for change, there are many things to consider.

Perhaps, entrepreneurship beckons.  Do you start from scratch, buy an existing business, or consider franchising?  If you are considering retirement, do you close your business, liquidate it, or sell it?
We have no one size fits all answers.  Want to make decisions for a better future?   Call or email us to set up a no obligation 15 minute conversation.  At the end of that conversation we will be able to decide if we can and will work

It’s your future.  Contact us to begin making it come true.

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