At times I think my friend Jim will build his entire PSYCH-K® practice walking his dogs. Several weeks ago he met a member of his apartment maintenance crew. They chatted about the weather and stuff.  Jim noticed that J.X. (as we will call him) never looked him in the eye.  Most of the time J.X. looked at the ground with his shoulder slouched.

J.X. wanted to know what Jim did for a living and Jim described his work helping people with PSYCH-K ®.  J.X. described his reaction to that as thinking Jim “was pretty kooky.”  After that two said hello and chatted from time to time.  Even as they became better acquainted, J.X. still avoided looking Jim in the eye. Jim saw that J.X. hung his head and slouched when he noticed him working in the apartment complex.

One evening Jim heard knocking on the door.  He opened it and there stood J.X.  Although he told Jim that he still thought his methods were “kooky” he was desperate.  He was willing to try anything.  Jim asked what the one thing he wanted to change was.  J.X. replied that he had “felt worthless and had no self esteem at all.”  Jim explained the details of how a PSYCH-K® balance works.  He facilitated a basic balance with J.X. J.X. raised his head and looked Jim in the eye.   His head stayed up and his shoulders rolled up and back.  He said that he felt better.

A few hours after Jim facilitated the balance for J.X. he got a phone call.  J.X. was on the line.  He had gone home.  He didn’t stay there.  For the first time in years, he felt the urge to go out to a club.  He was calling from the club to tell Jim that three girls were talking to himHe had gone to clubs before.  Mainly, he stayed on the edge for a while and then went home.  Not this time.  He was not only talking to three girls, but he had started all three conversations!

Since the balance J.X. bought a new truck.  Jim told J.X. that he had progressed from being mainly a cleanup worker.  Now, he was doing real maintenance work.  Jim suggested it might be a good time to ask for a raise.  J.X. agreed with him.  The next time he was in the office J.X. pointed out to the manager that he was doing more difficult and important work.  He said that he deserved a raise.  The manager agreed with him.  The raise will show up on his next pay check.

A few weeks later I met J.X.   He was friendly and smiling.  He looked me in the eye and held his head up and shoulders back.  Most of all he flashed me a high wattage smile.  It was just impossible not to smile back!  He confided to me, as if it were a great joke, that at first he thought Jim was just some old kook.  Now he thinks Jim is a miracle worker!


Two years ago my experience with PSYCH-K was not promising.  It was a short demonstration and I had come without any preparation.  However, I had a great deal of respect for the facilitator, Karen McKy, and her associate, Jim Bates.  Because of this respect I read about a dozen books on neuroscience, on changing the brain, and on the conscious/subconscious synergy in our brains.  The reading verified the science behind PSYCH-K.

The first Saturday and Sunday in June 2012I had the opportunity to attend the two day Basic training for facilitating PSYCH-K.  There is no time to explain PYSCH-K in this blog, but it works on the principal of accessing and using the individual’s own resources.  The individual forms a partnership with the facilitator to reach these resources.

I brought a receptive mind set to the experience.  Karen McKy conducted the training (see her website @ ).  The group was small, but very active, friendly, and aggressively participatory.

One of the items I sought to address was the daily feeling of fatigue that I have.  It interferes in my work.  I am getting enough sleep and should not be going through this.  We performed the brain hemispheric synchronization process.  I tested the statement “My body is healed, restored, and full of energy.”

I was surprised when the signal test showed my left hemisphere was not fully supporting this statement.  I would have guessed an inner resistance, or shortage of conviction.  Instead my right hemisphere was on board. My logical, let hemisphere was not.  I realized I knew I needed walking and agility, work, but was not even scheduling it.  Scheduling is a left brain function!  I started attending Tai Chi on the next Wednesday and walked over a mile Wednesday evening.  I will work some lower body into all my weight days.

One of the most potent uses of PSYCH-K is rewriting subconscious blockages.  These blockages are most commonly in the form of negative or self-limiting beliefs.  Another subject I addressed is my failure to confront misinformation at lectures, which bothers me.  People often take action based on the misinformation. I feel it is a disservice to lecture attendees not to challenge statements I know to be incorrect.

While working on the empowering belief statement I would make to confront such misinformation in the future, we explored why I was not doing it now. The issue came down to two elements, a lack of courage and the perception I had to confront the speaker to challenge the information.  That is not true.  If I frame the challenge as a question with my knowledge being new, or evolved from the presented information, I can challenge the information, but not contradict the speaker. I can avoid seeming like a smart ass.  I haven’t had a chance to test this change, but I will.

I found the PSYCH-K Basic Workshop to be more than I expected. Everyone enjoyed it.  Everyone got immediate results.  Everyone learned things about themselves and each other. I would recommend this workshop to anyone who is dealing with mind and life changing issues. I would recommend it to anyone who is seeking additional methods to help others with mind and life changing issues.  Contact Karen