These are some of the areas I can support individuals and their businesses in:

Number crunching – I like it.  It is the best way to describe what is going on.  Some of the applications are Business Plan Development, Business Planning and Decision Making, and Profit Increasing.  Generally we will create tools with permanent formulas and structures that you can continue to use in the future.  These tools are usually created in Microsoft Excel.

Process Improvement – I love it.  The simplest way to improve systems and procedures is to document them.  Once you really understand how you do something doing it better is almost inevitable.  You will make most improvements in customer service, customer satisfaction, cost reduction, and increased profits by changing your processes.  You also stop reinventing lots of small to medium-sized processes.

Communication and Customer Service – I am a raving fan.  Process improvement drives improved customer service.  Communication is a process with style.  Internal and external one on one communication combined with employee alignment is the jet fuel of customer service.  Great style generates great service and the sure feeling that you are giving great service.  The customers feel that they are receiving great service.

Teamwork – When it is in the flow teamwork is exciting to watch.  Creating it is challenging.

Personal development – decisions, personal skill development, complex projects, and major life changes all come together better with a consultant/coach.  


 I give a client a big picture and quiet attention to detail. I give every client everything I can. After our first session the client can expect explanation, demonstration, imitation, correction, and repetition.  One of my strengths is perception.  When I am fully focused on an individual I learn what they need and how they can best learn it.

Together we plan coaching sessions to be focused and bring the maximum amount of value.

I bring a great deal of human, process, financial, business and practical knowledge to coaching, mentoring and consulting.  I do not know everything.  I will never pretend that I do. What I do not know I will find either through research, or consulting an expert.

I give every client a lot of information.  I give a client total honesty. I will at times unsettle and upset them. There are things they must do.  I help them see that their goals create the need to do these things.   The need to meet their goals is their reason to do them.

A coach’s most important role is in pointing out errors. Having our errors pointed out is unpleasant. One reason is that we have worked to create that imperfect path.  Acknowledging those errors is signing up for rewiring the path.

Improving effective pathways hones your talents.  Creating new pathways creates new talent. Deep practice techniques allow you to both sharpen and create talent. The bad news is that wiring pathways is tiring.  The good news is that deep practice is so effective that 3 – 5 hours a week is enough. You are not too old.  Use it your talent and you will get more of it.  Practice and you will develop new talents.

I consult, or coach, as the situation demands.  If I can save you a great deal of time in developing a particular process, I will give information.  If we are working to make you a more independent thinker, a problem solver, I will supply you with suggestions and let you work it out.

 Education & Experience

Georgetown University BA * CitiCorp technical trainee * programming languages and data base classes * 29 Microsoft certifications * extensive reading, seminars and hands on experience in business, technology, neuroscience, psychology, communication, etc., certified in DISC, PIAV, Trimetrix, and PSYCH-K facilitation.

35+ Years of human and automated systems and process analysis, design, development, and implementation * 20+ years of hands on system debugging and coding * 20+ years of human systems and procedures design, debugging and implementation * 10+ years experience in business and athletic coaching, training, teaching and public speaking *

My coaching/consulting rates are $150 an hour after a one hour exploratory interview.  The interview is a no cost exploration of our ability and desire to work together.

In situations that need research, writing, or spreadsheet development between coaching/consulting sessions rates will vary.  Generally, they will be in $50 an hour.

Call or email me to schedule a conversation or interview

Nik Nikkel

Nikkel Consulting     376 South Lincoln St.Denver, CO 80209

720-570-3272 Office     303-917-6617 Cell


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