You can use PSYCH-K ® to change your mind. Changing your mind can physically change your brain.

PYSCH-K ® facilitation has many powerful effects. One of the most powerful enables the partner to change lifelong self-limiting beliefs. A self-limiting belief is what it sounds like. It is a belief about your ability to learn, to achieve, to perform, even to love and to heal that stops you. The belief sets the limit. You reach that barrier and stop. The belief may have originated in a time when it was true. It may be folk wisdom that is now folk folly.

Karen McKy trains facilitators in intervening in the belief system. PSYCH-K ® is effective. It usually produces results in a single session. This effectiveness led to Karen’s collaboration with Jeffery Fannin, PhD.  Dr. Fannin is a neuroscientist based in Arizona. Dr. Fannin uses qEEG examinations to pinpoint the intensity of activity throughout the brain. Dr. Fannin uses this information to provide custom designed cognitive enhancement training.

The training repairs brain damage. The training increases the brain’s ability to use both hemispheres at a normal or enhanced level. The brain sees and interprets the world with the strengths of both hemispheres. The highly logical left side of the brain and the intuitive right side of the brain observe, interpret, analyze and feel everything. The result is planning, problem solving and creativity.  These all have structure, coherence and detail, as well as inspiration, unique associations, and empathy. Dr. Fannin verifies the changes in the brain with a second qEEG.

Learn about these exciting developments in understanding and enhancing your brain at the CENTER FOR COGNITIVE ENHANCEMENT 

Dr. Fannin did a quick test of the qEEG equipment on a member of his staff one morning to verify the machine settings. That morning the staff member displayed radically different results from her last qEEG of three days before. Surprised, Dr. Fannin asked his assistant what she had done over the weekend. She reported that she had taken an introductory PSYCH-K ® class.

The Dr. Fannin became interested in PSYCH-K ® and attended the annual PSYCH-K ® Instructors Conference. During that conference Dr. Fannin met Karen. At that time he did a brain mapping of Karen.

Both the brain enhancement training and the PSYCH-K ® facilitation have great benefits for clients. They work differently and provide different improvements. The qEEG’s administered before and after either intervention show changes in the brain.

Karen’s website contains a exciting information about changing your mind and your brain.  Visit her at Subconscious Change.