We are a small consulting service of two with dozens of affiliate resources.  Our sweet spot in consulting is individual fulfilment, organizational effectiveness and production process efficiency.  We begin with personal and group self-knowledge and work through clear and effective communication, including confrontation, the truth serum, to your goals for a unified healthy business, non-profit, etc.

The next step from this is to take the wisdom of the organization and blend the existing best practices into every fiber in its processes.  From the first contact with a prospect to the after sale support of the product or service you deliver in the best way possible.  We leave you with the ability to self perfect as situations, opportunities and aims change.

Our end goal in this is to aid you in making work joyful.  Joyful work creates delighted customers who love you and want to come back to you.  Joyful work empowers employees who know what is expected and revel in exceeding those expectations.  Joyful work supports managers in exceeding their goals.  Joyful work makes a profitable growing business.  A business where everyone finds Monday is an even better day than Friday!

One thought on “WHO WE ARE

  1. I have found your blogs to be very helpful. If I need a lift, I read your blog and watch the Validation clip. Keep up the good work. Linda

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