I was at a business networking event last week.  A friend, and client, of mine stepped up beside me.  Just at that moment I was asked, “What do you do?”  My friend, George, said, “Nik tells you who you are.

Well, I have defined it a lot of different ways, but never that well.! I do personal and business coaching.  I often start with an assessment.  The assessments tell what your strengths, behavior styles, values and personal skills are.  I use one assessment that measures all of these things.  It is a powerful tool to assist anyone in deciding the next step in almost any phase of their life.  Of course, the assessment is only a starting point.  Every assessment includes one or more coaching sessions.

You can find free assessments all over the internet.  Some of them are just teasers.  They give you one or two sentences.  For a full report you will have to pay.  Others return fairly detailed information that is hard to understand.  I pay a good price for my assessments.   The results are continually verified, and proven true.  The reports are easily understandable.    Of course, you get your own copy.  I charge you for the coaching.  The assessment is one of my tools.

These are a few of the areas my coaching and AXCES ASSESSMENTS cover:

Athletics   Weight Loss   Leadership   Coaching Ethics   Financial Management   Golf

     Hockey   Hospitality   Juror-Legal   Leadership Index   Life Values-profile   Patient Care

Manager-Supervisor   Planning Simulation   Pro-Basketball Profile   Pro-Ethics Profile 

Pro-Business Pro-Ethics   Pro-Financial   Pro-Football Profile   Pro-Golf Profile   Pro-Sales  

  Pro-Healthcare Profile   Pro-Hockey Profile   Pro-Leadership Profile   Pro-Sales-Profile  

Pro-Management Profile   Pro-Tennis Profile   Ready to Play(all sports)

     Sales Index         Sports Parenting              Tennis                   Pro-Softball Profile™

Work Life Index   Weight Control (Your Weight Management Style)   Working With Style

AXCES ASSESSMENTS measure the traits associated with emotional intelligence.  The traits are SOCIAL COMPETENCIES and PERSONAL COMPETENCIES.  AXCES ASSESSMENTS also measure standard competencies for specific jobs.  Other assessments measure management skills, job identification, problem solving, and compliance.

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